This is the log for Team Redwood's 2012 medical relief trip to Haiti.

  • Rice 38 bags (55# each) 2090 lbs
  • Beans 22 bags (100# each) 2200#
  • corn 21 bags (50# each)1050#
  • oil 21 gal
  • protein powder #13 bags
That is 19,000 servings rice and 26,4000 servings beans
  • 438+ people treated medically
  • 60+ tooth extractions

Care packages included: first aid supplies, hand-sanitizer, Selsun Shampoo, anti-fungal creams, anti-

itch creams, anti-biotic creams, Tylenol for all ages, re-hydration packs, Scabies creams, Nebulizers with

meds and tubing for asthma, soaps, TUMS, Benadryl, vitamins&

Wednesday 11/7

Arrival of advance security team

Thursday 11/08

Purchasing food donation supplies

Arrival of Carolyn

Friday 11/09

More purchasing of food donation supplies.

Preliminary food Drops at the Following locations:

  • Corner Orphanage in Carrefour
  • ORO Orphanage in Fontamara
  • FPED Orphanage in Fontamara

We visited "Helping Hands of Haiti" Orphanage (72 Orphans). Medical care for few children including moderately severe

buttock abscess without supplies Spent time Playing with children.

Saturday 11/10

Luggage arrival

Helping Hands of Haiti (72 orphans) Director Janet: I&D 3 y/o child at HoH.

Pick up of medical and dental team from airport

Sunday 11/11

Orphelinat Sequrs Our Enfants Corner Orphanage Director Mr Dorvil: 14 orphans, 4 adults, 1 family

(mom w/c with 5 kids) Medical and dental with 7 extractions, repairs and teaching repairs to older

children. All wormed and fluoride. 5 rice, 2 bean, 1 corn, 5 oil, 2 Protein Powder, left care package,

vitamins. Needs: 4 teens in secondary edu-uniforms and school supplies.

Ducat Orphanage, Director M. Jasmin: (9 orphans) 2 extractions, all fluoride, wormed, medical and

dental care. 1 bean, 2 rice, 2 oil, left care package, vitamins. Needs: School supplies.

Airport pick up of Mike Young, Water Engineer

ORO #1, Director Yvrose Delagrande: (37 orphans) 20 dental with 7 extractions; 18 medical. 2 beans, 2

corn, 6 oil, 7 rice, 2 Protein Powder, left care package, vitamins.

ORO #1 Water Report: No pump, no well (covered over with cement from new construction. Currently

purchasing 3-5 five gal bottles daily which provide approx 2L drinking water per person/per day. City

water hook-up avail, however bill owed, hook-up fee and monthly bill. Using drainage ditch for dishes,

washing, bathing- water Nitrate +. 4 new latrines placed by Water Missions International, currently not

hooked to water system-needs bucket flush.

Needs: toothbrushes; city water hook-ups

Monday 11/12

FPED (Orphaelinat Foyer DeLa Patience) Director Nichole: 28 children (3 missing) 11 school children

from community. Unable to count numbers of medical and dental care provided due to other problems

in the home at the time. All children wormed fluoride. 3 rice, 1 beans, 3 oil, left care package, vitamins.

Needs: Children Moved.

Helping Hands of Haiti, Director Janet (72 orphans): fluoride, 3 extractions, 25 medical, quilt squares,

play, re-check abscess. Needs: Food, mattresses, chalk.

DT Director Marc-Arthur Francois:

St Bonifacious Fire Department Volunteers provided CERT class, triage, CPR. Remainder of food and supplies dropped here.

DT Water Report: Water tested good, city water. Bought pump and chlorinator. Instructions and

sketches provided for chlorinators; currently being translated into Creole by Marco and Johnny for

sharing with all other orphanages.

Tuesday 11/13

ORO #2 Infant Orphanage (7 orphans): Wormed, fluoride, medical exams to all. Play. Needs: Large

toys (trikes) and balls, food.

Jaguars School and Orphanage, Director Ray Jaguar: 65 children school/orphans-all examined med/

dental all wormed and fluoride. 85 community members recd medical care; 12 community members

dental exams. Several extractions, reading glasses. 16 community members turned away due to lack of

clean dental instruments. Left care package, vitamins. Needs: adult vits, optometry!!!

Wednesday 11/14

Lifed Christian Orphanage, Director Luxom Boursiquot: (47 orphans), plus community members. 70

recd worming and fluoride, 9 extractions, new water pump, chlorinator. Food drop 9 rice, 2 beans, 2

corn, 7 oil, 2 protein powder, Baby Formula, left care package, vitamins.

Lifed Christian Orphanage Water Report: Rain Collection Barrel and 20 well which has appro 10 water

at bottom with bucket and string method. Water tested-+ e.coli. Pump installed which pumps enough

to supply entire orphanage. Chlorinator provided with instructions shown. Awaiting copy of translated


Thursday 11/15

Seaside Village near Cabaret, Haiti, Pastor Elysse Anyoine: 23 school children-worming, fluoride,

medical and dental exams, 47 community members; 7 extractions, reading glasses, left care package.

Friday 11/16

OCAOH-Compassion for Haitian Orphans-Montrouis, Director Dina: 34 orphans-worming, fluoride,

medical exams, 2 children with fevers, 4 adults from community examined dental. 7 children

extractions; food drop 2 rice, 1 bean, 1 corn, 1 oil, 2 baby formula, left care package, vitamins.

Beach trip

Saturday 11/17


Transfer surplus meds to Hospital Adventist for Feb medial team from Crescent City.


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