Here is a summary of our contributions from November of 2013:


Dina's Orphanage in Montroise:

4 bags rice (55 LBS each)
1 bag beans (100 LBS each)
2 corn/grits (50 LBS each)
6 gallons cooking oil
And a care package (see below)

Gregory's Orphanage in Port au Prince

102 worm doses
102 fluoride treatments
6 tooth extractions
provided treatments for head fungus
swollen lymph nodes

4 bags rice
1 bag beans
2 corn (grits)
6 gallons cooking oil
first aid kit
1 nebulizer and meds

Dorvil’s Orphanage(Corner)
24 children, 6 adults
30 worm doses
30 flouride treatments
3 infants got nebulizer treatments
4 extractions

4 bags rice
1 bag beans
2 corn (grits)
6 gallons cooking oil

Marco’s Orphanage:
(2 Days)
2 Days of Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) by certified instructors. 109 adults received the training.
36 extractions
Treated about 160 adults for medical issues the first day, including eye examinations and glasses.

Worked on water system and inspected cistern

4 bags rice
1 bag beans
2 corn (grits)
6 gallons cooking oil


Nicole’s Orphanage:
About 20 worm and fluoride
2 bags of Rice


Life Christian Orphanage:

Day 1
46 orphans (same as stuff listed for Gregory Zelin’s)
3 extractions for orphans

Day 2
Close to 100 worm and fluoride.  Treated adults for medical issues, including eye examinations and glasses.
30 extractions, plus the child who needed his tongue clipped
Approx 60 adults treated for medical issues.

care package mentioned above contained:
antibiotic ointment
children's Tylenol
children's vitamins
Seltzin and fluconazole for scalp treatments


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