Your donations bought:

  • 7095 Lbs of Rice.
  • 900 Lbs of Beans
  • 250 Lbs Corn
  • 78 Gallons Cooking Oil

That is nearly 100,000 servings of food! Over 19 million calories.


Nov 2, 2014

Arrival of advanced team and all of the luggage!


Nov 3, 2014

Day 2  - Advanced Prep Team-Today we worked with some super Haitian nurses to get the pharmacy updated and organized and spent oodles of time with the kiddos at DT. Sidewalk chalk and balloons... so many balloons! Dinner (lunch) for the second day was AMAZING at the orphanage. Beans and rice really just never gets boring here.  Figured out the nebulizer machines no longer work-no problem-made some connections back home with some friends and we have team members bring in new one’s donated by a secret angel.


Nov 5, 2014

Advance prep team has been busy networking, making connections, treating animals, doing some developmental testing of orphans, playing with the beautiful kids, visiting with other mission teams, planning, purchasing and running around in this crazy traffic with no rules except perhaps the rule of follow the path of least resistance or biggest and most aggressive goes further faster. This is the first year I've been in the front seat. I admit the view is better. I also admit I'm not certain that's a good thing. I'm looking forward to the arrival of the team so I can ride in the back of the truck again and not watch my life flash before my eyes every ten seconds... just kidding. Our driver Omega is the best in the entire country! He even provides tour commentary in English.


Nov 6, 2014

Your donations purchased nearly 100,000 servings of food today. That's over 19 million calories. Thanks people for caring for these sweet babies.

7095 Lbs of Rice.

900 Lbs of Beans

250 Lbs Corn

78 Gallons Cooking Oil

We are going to buy Onions ( A common food staple here) on Sunday!We would sincerely like to thank our supporters. We know that sometimes it's hard to feel connected to money you donate. Please know that the contributions you made are having a very real impact on many children here in Haiti.Many will not go hungry tonight, or for many months to come. That is a lot of food!You are all very kind and generous people. To watch this massive truck roll in made us feel humbled. It is so easy to become frustrated and over worked while in Haiti. Seeing this abundance of love arrive from you makes everything so worth it! It breathes life into our efforts and helps us carry on in doing good works for the orphans of Haiti!

Wow... just.. Thank you!!


Nov 7, 2014

3180 pounds of rice, beans and corn grits and 27 gallons of oil delivered to a Zelin’s orphanage today. He and his wife care for 102 children in two homes.  More to come. This wouldn't be possible without your support.


Nov 8, 2014

To Montroisse today with the entire Team plus Marco’s dedicated team from DT.  75km to the north to care for one of the really poor orphanages we see every year.  They often don’t see missionaries due to their location in the country.  Haitian nurses trained, orphans and community members wormed and seen by medical, dental, vision. Food, clothes, shoes dropped, water filters set up. Fun had by all. Team Redwood Day One = success


Nov 11, 2014

Tonight there really are no words... please just be thankful you in the US have access to medical care*.*We were presented with a very ill infant, Seabastian, age 5 months.  He had a quickly growing abscess on his neck that needed surgery.  We attempted to take him for care to several facilities only to be turned away.  The baby was going to die if the abscess wasn’t drained, but could die from the procedure.  We decided to do it.  It was successful. 


Nov 12, 2014

Baby Sebastian and his mommy were waiting for us this am at the DT orphanage... along with long lines of people awaiting care. He did well overnight, no fever, eating well and the abscess continues to drain as it should. He laughed and played while he waited for us to set up the wound care and re-packing. The tunneled abscess has started to heal by about 1cm, the swelling and redness is gone from both sides of his neck and the Haitian nurse watched and learned the procedure carefully. Tomorrow is her turn to clean and re-pack the wound. We will only be able to track Sebastian's progress until Saturday morning when we return to first world problems like slow service at our favorite lunch restaurants, nothing good to watch on TV because we only have 756 channels, and being broke again because we over spent our paycheck on car payments, house payments, credit card payments, designer sunglasses and jeans with holes in them. 

PS:  The team is happy and healthy and still working magic.


Nov 14, 2014

Yesterday, Thursday, after supervising the wound care of Sebastian, we visited Lifed Christian Orphanage. What a wonderful place full of fun and love. We were greeted with happy children who remembered us, they gave out hugs, kisses, joy and laughter. During clinic we were given many thank you letters and after clinic we had dance party with balloons, face paints, and bubbles. Joy everywhere!


Nov 14, 2014

Last night in Haiti. Always bitter sweet. Leaving behind our beautiful Haitian friends to continue to grow. We met some new and wonderful people this year, made more connections and trained many.We wormed kids, babies, adults and animals. Provided clothes, shoes, eye glasses, sun glasses, and readers to the masses. Pulled teeth, filled cavities, gave out numerous toothbrushes and oodles of toothpaste with each fluoride treatment. Provided medical care to orphans and neighborhoods where access is limited or even unavailable. We provided meals for 100's for the entire next year and refilled medicine cabinets at orphanage pharmacies. We removed the extra finger of a young man and even saved the life of a child. However, the most important thing we did here was a share the love, joy and laughter of the children.



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