2016 Haiti Trip Report!

Jan 1, 2016

New Year’s Pumpkin Soup Celebration at Marco’s DT Orphanage. Planning for the clinics and trainings for the next couple of weeks. The kids look great and Janine and I had a blast playing with these very lucky kiddos. Picked up the pharmacy. Lots of sorting and organizing in the plans for the next couple of days.

Jan 3, 2016

Food drop at Dina’s in the north!

Jan 4, 2016

Shopping done! Janine and Carolyn spent the day prepping and splitting the food to take to the orphanages and feeding programs.

Jan 7, 2016

Arrival of the team!!!

And an emergency trip to the Baptist Orphanage up the hill from our Villa for an orphan that spilled boiling oil on her foot. She got daily evening visits from us. Also found a 6 year old disabled child in this orphanage being cared for by an 11 year old boy. Made some changes to his wheelchair to make his life easier.

Jan 8, 2016

First clinic today. We attempted to drive up the mountain, Bizotin Road, but it was too steep for our truck to make it. We found a nice shaded spot and brought the children to us! We jokingly call this orphanage “The Corner Orphanage” because it used to be located around the corner from our guest house. Now it’s up a very steep mountain. It’s really called AsCash. The kids looked good and had a great time singing and playing while they got wormed and fluoride treatments.

Jan 10, 2016

Visiting the great people at the Hands and Feet Project. What a GREAT PLACE!!! Kids from Grand Grove and Jacmel all got dental checkups, fluoride treatments and then the team got treated to a fabulous meal on top of a mountain with a beautiful view. Fellowship time with missionary friends we get to see every year.

Jan 12, 2016

Full medical, dental and vision clinics with community health education training at Life Christian Orphanage. Face Painting, balloon animals, singing, dancing, fun! Oh ya, we also installed a battery inverter so the kids can have electricity at night instead of oil lamps. So much safer!

Jan 15, 2016

2 day trip into the Central Plateau to provide care with (Beehives International) to very poor peasant farmers and their families. Some of these people walked all night to get to clinic. Barefoot. These folks are amazing and these 2 days opened our eyes in ways we never even imagined.

Jan 16, 2016

Food drop day!

#1760 rice, #1000 beans, #700 corn meal, 18 gallons oil, #50 sugar split between 5 orphanages and two churches with programs for feeding the children of poverty in an attempt to keep them with their parents!!!


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