Each orphanage/school/feeding program got about #1000 pounds of food (rice, beans, corn, oil) + a care package which included fungal shampoo and meds (for tinea capitis), toothpastes/brushes, 1st aid kit, large Ziploc of asst sizes and styles of band aides, hydrocortisone creams, anti-fungal creams, Neosporin, puzzles, books, manicure kits, shampoos/conditioner, medicated lotion, body lotions, flashcards (math), etc...

Nearly every stop had water testing, including some community water sources.

Each stop (but 1) had First Aid/1st Responder training in a class of about 25-30 people each day.

Each day we handed out sunglasses and readers.

Each day we wormed all the children and any adults that wanted it or had symptoms. Over 1100 doses.

Day 1 we saw about 200 people in community medical clinic in Fontamara at a church (associated with our driver, Omega) and then we did fluoride treatments, worming and lunch feeding to 200 community children at Omega's tiny home! Father Abrahamm's Feeding Program.

Day 2 we did approx. 300 people seen at a community medical clinic in a school in Delmas. Clinic set up by Leo and DT. (The food was dropped in Kenscoff at DT.

Day 3 Mephpah Boys and Girls Club, Carrefour. Approx 300 people seen in medical clinic.

Day 4 LCO; community clinic about 100 people

Day 5 Jaguar's. About 100 people in community clinic plus all the school children.

Day 6 Mexny's Orphanage in Canaan. 14 children in orphanage plus approx. 200 community members. We had 2 new full bathrooms constructed (1 each for boys/girls) and started new security fence.

Day 7 Zelin's Orphanage in Tarbarre. About 100 community members, 8 orphans and about 100 neighbor children.

Day 8 Dina's. Dina was not there;saw construction (repair of roof) happening. Left worming meds, fungal treatments, food, care packs at orphanage. We also left quite a few sheets, blankets, books, paper notebooks, pencils, erasers. No full medical visits.

NOTE: Water contaminated at Zelin's, Mexny's. (e coli, coliforms) Jaguar's water collected but not tested. No water sample from Leo's Delmas school due to no water supply. Water not tested at LCO due to refused testing as testing just done.


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