Team Redwood is a medical relief organization that was born in the aftermath of the 2010 Haitian Earthquake. This disastrous event left hundreds of thousands dead and many more homeless.  This historically unparalleled crisis, when combined with Haiti's chronic poverty, did untold damage that will last generations.  We have been steadfast in our commitment to the Haitian people since then, returning frequently to provide medical care.  After the initial disaster, our focus has been to provide health services and food drops to the orphanages that have swelled in size following the quake.

4 years later, we find ourselves shifting strategies once again.  We will always provide medical care and nutrition to the orphanages we have developed such close ties to.  However, we are are now including empowerment and education of Haitian organizations into our efforts.  We have begun to mentor nurses, teachers, orphanages directors, community leaders, and citizens in general on how to create sustainable and effective solutions to their everyday problems.  We believe that the key to Haiti's future lays in the hands of the Haitian people.  It is in them that we invest our efforts.

We are once again preparing for our annual November trip!  We are continuing to include educators and those with knowledge and skills to share into our team roster.  We ask that you help support us in our efforts to assist the Haitian people in building their own future!  


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