About Team Redwood.

Team Redwood is a grassroots group of professionals and friends from California's far North Coast providing medical missions in Haiti since the major earthquake in 2010. We work in orphanages, missions and community centers in the poorest areas of Haiti annually.

We provide an acute medical program, dental, and vision care with spectacle dispensing; fluoride treatments and a comprehensive worming program for people, pets and livestock; we provide engineering/building, water repairs and provide clean and safe drinking water systems to orphanages in need.

Team Redwood also teaches "Train The Trainer" programs in several topics; CPR, Disaster Response, First Aid, CERT, Health Educations, Hygiene, Clean Water Techniques, STD Prevention, Maternal and Child Nutrition, "Where There Is No Doctor". We also proctor Haitian nurses training them with 1:1 hands on care in our mobile medical clinics.

We provide our partner orphanages with re-stocking of essential first aid supplies annually and we train the staff and surrounding community members how to care for the children of these orphanages.

Lastly, we provide 1000's of pounds of nutritious food to orphanages, boys & girls clubs, and community groups.

None of this can happen without the generous support from donors. Every $1 donated is directly spent on medications and supplies for this mission. Not one penny is spent on ANYTHING else. All expenses are covered by a volunteer and all volunteers pay their own expenses.


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