2017 Haiti Trip Report!

Some fairly significant final numbers for 2017: 

3 Singer sewing machines with all supplies needed to start a microbusiness delivered to 2 orphanages.  (Fabric, thread, scissors, bobbins, pins, needles, tape measures, and more...)

Medical care to over 1150. 

Worming meds to 550. 

Treatment for fungal infections to over 100. 

66 teeth pulled, 100 fluoride treatments, Oodles of toothbrushes handed out. 

Restocking of pharmacy. 

Care packages and first aid kits to the orphanages. 

Ran out of eye-glasses! 

Care at 5 orphanages, 3 community clinics, 2 children’s feeding programs/clubs. 

Health education to 75. 

5,421,488 calories of food delivered in 4782 pounds (rice, beans, oil, and corn).  If each child gets served one cup, that will equal 28,692 servings. 

Live saving abscess care, again. 

End of life wound care teaching for one very special lady. 

Life-saving meds for 2 years to one orphan (Davidson).

Prayers for each of the orphanage directors. 

Another year of love.  A team to be proud of. 

Way to go donors.  Thanks for your continued support.


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